I will help you acheive balance and find purpose.

As an Executive Coach, Anisa offers over 23 years of industry expertise in helping women executive leaders optimize their fullest performance potential by achieving personal and career success without compromising their quality of life.

“I refuse to live in the box that’s been created for me. I believe I can have it all and that you can too!”

Having coached hundreds of women, listening to their needs, wants, fears, challenges, and innermost desires, we offer strategic solutions to make YOUR life work for you. Streamlining your life making it easier—synergistic, integrated and functionally relevant.

What do you really, really want more of today? What are you willing to do right now to make it a reality? Whether you’re an executive managing the uncertainty of an ever changing business environment or a mom struggling to integrate work and life outside of work, our proven strategies will help you log off and plug into life!

Through our premiere coaching programs, you will be empowered to—

• Gain a fresh perspective—experience your world in a new way

• Confront limiting beliefs on being a woman and an executive

• Dispel the myths that high powered executives can’t have tons of fun (too!)

• Give voice to your vision! (Permission to speak up in all areas of life)

• Discover the art of living well everyday

• Maximize every moment regardless of the time of day

• Learn the art of living intentionally and purposefully

• Get all of the “juiciness” (JIL) out of life

Join one of our premium programs or attend our LIVE events:

SuiteSpot™  Coaching –to help you find your “place” in the executive suite.

SuiteSpot Coaching

SuiteSpot™  coaching is an exclusive 10-month experience limited to only10 women business leaders strongly desiring to maximize their careers while getting into the FLOW of their lives.

The Experience:

  • Launches with a LIVE event where we come together and design your roadmap with unique outcomes from the process
  • Leads with a battery of assessments to determine your leadership and communication styles and how you are perceived within and outside of your organization
  • Connects with a learning partner to support and challenge you during our process
  • Mastermind monthly calls with Executive women trailblazers in their fields that will leave you inspired and provide concrete tools and strategies to help you take strategic action
  • Monthly 1:1 targeted coaching session around an area of your choice
  • Concludes with you as a VIP attendee at a LIVE event that celebrates you and your success

If you are ready to take your career the next level, grow your network, and be supported in a community of women who are committed to creating a career and life you love then grab your seat in the SuiteSpot™ Coaching program today!

 The Investment:

Pay NOW ($9,497 USD)

Pay MONTHLY ($997)


JIL:Juicy Integrated Life™ Coaching – to help you create an irresistible career and life you love.  

JIL Coaching

JIL coaching is an exclusive one-on-one program to help high achieving women identify all of the moving parts in their lives and integrate them to achieve optimum power, productivity and play. 

The Experience:

  • Launch with an introductory session to identify your ideal JIL
  • Customize your unique JIL blueprint and action plan!
  • Monitor your plan of action and measure your progress
  • Support you as an accountability partner and mentor
  • One 1:1 coaching call per session 
  • Allow you to “Ask Anisa Anything” 30-minute Q&A (Bonus) 
  • Access tools, resources and networks for JIL empowerment
  • Discount on registration and products at LIVE events 

If you are finally ready to take intentional action to achieve sustainable, holistic balance in your career, family, finances, relationships, etc., then call Anisa and her team to get started with creating your JIL:Juicy Integrated Life™ today! 

The Investment: 

Choose 6 Sessions

Choose 12 Sessions

30 Days To Clarity Coaching – to help you gain clarity on your best next move.

30 Days To Clarity is an exclusive program that supports you in creating the life you desire with meaningful work and time for family and friends.

The Experience:

At the End of 30 Days You Will:

  • Gain more clarity and a clear plan of action
  • Clearly articulate your BEST next move
  • Walk away with a clear plan of action
  • Have concrete tools to eliminate roadblocks to your success

You bring the COMMITMENT!

The Investment:

PAY NOW $595

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