I want to put my two decades of experience to work for you.

With extensive years as a corporate executive serving corporate executives, Anisa Rashad, LLC brings decades of marketplace expertise in the areas of leadership strategy and development. Did you know that recent studies show that, “Companies run by women are more profitable?” That’s why we’re passionate about providing the right fit for your leadership development and business needs. Our unique approach integrates well with clients who embrace the following—

VISION: Having an ambitious vision that exceeds the capacity of your current organization

VALUES: Using your leadership skills as sources of sustainable competitive advantage

GOALS: Having a sense of urgency about achieving your high performance aspirations

LEADERSHIP: Willing to engage in “thick-skinned conversations” exposing the hidden barriers that draw the line between success and failure

SUPPORT: Working with a high-integrity thought partner that transfers knowledge with the highest level of expertise to solve “right now” issues

We can help your organization—

Attract, develop and retain executive talent

Develop a lean program for your organization

Our consulting services are provided through—

Group Trainings

Leadership Seminars

Onsite Workshops

Online Webinars

To retain Anisa Rashad, LLC for your company’s consulting needs, complete the request form and a staff member will contact you!

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