Even the Tooth Fairy Needs a Break



When Jahari came rushing into the kitchen grinning from ear to ear I immediately noticed another tooth had come and gone. With evidence in hand, he mapped out his plan to place his tooth under his pillow in exchange for money from the Tooth Fairy. I made a mental note to leave a few coins for him as he went off to bed.


The next morning, Jahari suspiciously asked, “Mommy, is the Tooth Fairy real? She forgot to leave money for me last night.”


I froze. Pulling an unexpected all-nighter caused me to forget to place the money under his pillow. Not quite ready to have, “the talk,” I suggested that he put the tooth back and try again. When evening came, I placed the money on my nightstand as a reminder. I did not want to rely on my memory this time.

Jahari startled me when he entered by bedroom the next morning. “Mommy is the Tooth Fairy real because she forgot to take my tooth again!”


I felt terrible, fatigue had gotten the best of me considering I rose three hours early to finish a project. It was all I could do to keep from falling asleep at my laptop. A lapse in memory once~ I could understand but twice~ was unforgiveable.


“Jahari, I’m not quite sure what’s going on with the Tooth Fairy. This is really not like her.”


“I know, Mommy. You think I should try again?”


“Yes, I do.”


This time, I was determined to get those coins under his pillow. Immediately after he fell asleep, I went to my purse, grabbed a handful of coins, and placed it under his pillow.


The next morning, Jahari flew into the bedroom screaming, “Mommy! Mommy! She came. The Tooth Fairy came!”


“Well, Jahari, Mommy was very upset that the Tooth Fairy missed two days so I called her to find out what was happening and guess what I discovered? She was on spring break just like you, Who knew?”


“Oh! She probably went to the beach like we did. Thanks, Mommy.”


Executive Mom, the next time you find that day to day demands interfere with important matters like placing coins under your child’s pillow, don’t fret. Just remember that even the Tooth Fairy needs a break!