“suite” spot conference

We would like to meet you at our Suite Spot Conference.

We hope to see you at the next Suite Spot conference near you. The Suite Spot Conference is a unique opportunity to hear the voice of Anisa Rashad in person. You will be able to hear live how you can:


  • Learn “how” to live well everyday
  • Get clarity and direction about your life’s purpose
  • Release fear, doubt and anxiety
  • Practice the power of intention
  • Use meditation and journaling to manifest your desires
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Bring more fun and laughter into your life
  • Enjoy time with your spouse and/or kids more
  • Manage your time and energy better
  • And much more!


“Stay tuned for the next Suite Spot Conference nearest you!”

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kick ass heels

We believe that a woman’s heels is one of the most memorable items that she can wear to make an impression. Submit your best picture of your “Kick Ass Heels” and we just may feature them on this site.

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